Our Story

We didn't realize the impact plastic straws are having on our environment, especially in our oceans and on marine life. We made a choice many years ago to switch to stainless steel straws for our daily smoothies because they are so much easier to use and clean than plastic straws. Recently, we watched a documentary on the amount of plastic in our oceans and one of the things that was highlighted was the huge volume of plastic straws. That's when we realized that our decision to stop using plastic straws could have a significant impact on our environment.

Finding stainless steel straws online is fairly easy, but there aren't many choices. We wanted to be able to offer stainless steel straws in bulk quantities at wholesale prices because that's what the market seemed to be lacking. Our hope is that people will start using these straws for parties, weddings, barbeques, gifts, holiday parties, and more. We'd love to never see plastic straws again!

It is truly our goal to make buying stainless steel straws more affordable for everyone.

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